Single CansGaun Yer Seltzer 4.5% (330ml sleek can)


Gaun Yer Seltzer

Scottish Berries

We have combined the freshest Scottish berries with crystal clear water to produce a 4.5% ABV carbonated hard seltzer masterpiece!

Hard Seltzers are massive in the States but you can ram your cream cheese bagels, yer pastrami, yer mountain dew, yer lite beers, yer fitbaw wi a funny shaped baw, and yer 18 wheelers and yer mug of diesel. We’ll take our tattie scones, our broon sauce, our irn bru, our “soccer”, our square sausages, our Aldi coffee and our Gaun Yer Seltzer any day of the week! This is it Scotland!


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