Drink, Blether, Be Happy.Och Aye

Ken that feeling when you’ve had a long day? You sit down, kick of your shoes, pour a beer and utter the words “Och AYe” that’s what this is in a can.

Our 3.6% malty and very moreish dark mild hits all the right spots.

Drink, Blether, Be Happy.Oh Ya Can't (make a cherry sour this guid)

With an ABV of 5.3%, absolutely bursting with cherries, and with a perfect sourness this is the perfect addition to our Oh Ya sour range!

Oh Ya Can’t is unbelievably refreshing and incredibly moreish, especially as we thrust our way through spring and into the summer months. Oh aye, and don’t even get me started on that colour!

Oh ya Can’t? Oh Ya Canned…. get yourself to our shop immediately!

Drink, Blether, Be Happy.Mon Then!

We are absolutely delighted with our New England IPA Mon Then! Fruity, hazy, hoppy, packed with flavour, and extremely gluggable! Genuinely one of our best beers yet!

Mon Then! def: [Scots] A challenge to fight. We’ll help fight for a cure for Rett Syndrome and bring hope to families by donating 10% of profits to Reverse Rett to help fund the amazing work they do.

Never heard of it? Want to know more? Want to help? More information can be found here or to donate via our JustGiving page (which would be Famazing!)

Making change happen.

This beer is for you Eliza x

Drink, Blether, Be Happy.Tap’s Aff
Craft Lager

No cardboard tasting lager here!

We’re delighted to bring you our game changin’ clean, crisp and bloody delicious craft lager, Taps Aff.

Coming in at 4.5% with a malty mouthfeel, perfect carbonation and a balanced subtle hoppiness, this really will put our brewery on the map. Taps Aff: clothing optional.

Drink, Blether, Be Happy. Stooty Fruity 4.6%

Raspberry oatmeal stout

This extremely moreish 4.6% abv stout has hints of coffee and chocolate on the nose and is chocolatey to taste with an incredible raspberry aftertaste.

Drink, Blether, Be Happy.OH YA BASSA 5%

Peach and Raspberry sour

A peach and raspberry sour beer rammed with fruit and with a crazy sourness befitting of the name!

Our multi award winning beer – best sour beer ever consumed by an East Lothian butcher on a Tuesday morning, most ravishing fruit beer of the 2019 Pencaitland conker championship, and best Winton Brewery label of the year 2019. Basically, it is fantastic and we struggle to keep up with demand!

Fruitier than a cauld wind up yer kilt!

Drink, Blether, Be happyPEELYWALLY 5%

A refreshingly crisp, citrus, slight grassiness and carefully hopped IPA.

We bloody love Peelywally and it has been a real passion of ours to get it right. Brewed countless times at home with various ABV (3%-9.3 %!) and with different hops but this is the winner.

In Scots, Peelywally literally means, pale.

When you were wee, your mum would say “You look awfy Peelywally” meaning you’re not looking too well. Alternatively, when you see a Scotsman on the first day of his holiday, you could say “He looks Peelywally” as our skin is pale blue and nigh on see through.

Drink, Blether, Be HappyBARRY SWALLY 5.5%

Barryswally is Peelywally’s bigger brother. More hops, more flavour, more handsome and stronger!

(Pretty much Stevie Vs David!)

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