Alright gaj!


I’m Steve Holligan and he’s David Mackinnon. In all honesty, I don’t really know what to write! But at least this will give us the opportunity to thank you all for your support, feedback and for your drunken tales!

let’s start at the beginning. We both grew up in the Nungate area of Haddington and have been friends a very, very long time! Since playing footie on the “Kick pitch” and drinking cheap beer in student flats our careers have taken us around the country and the world. With amazing experiences and the mad things life throws at you, we both ended up in Pencaitland.

The incredible beer journey.

Originally, like most, we started out by making our own beer at home with a £100 homebrew kit from our local Brewstore. Our first beer we made was a syrup and it tasted good, but we already knew at this point we wanted to brew all grain. On our fifth brew we had pretty much designed our first beer. Relaxing one night with a 7-12% Peelywally (someone forgot to take the SG reading) over my kitchen table, the decision was made. WE COULD DO THIS…..So we did.

Research, research and drink some more! The plan was to be trading within the year but who knew starting up your own business could be so time consuming! With taxes, licenses, spreadsheets, amazingly unusual 2% to 15% homebrews, hop shortages, tasting beer, finding premises, beer duty, creating recipes, sourcing ingredients and the to do list is still growing.

You know, it’s taken more time than expected to get here but it’s been an incredible ride and we’re not finished yet. While we’re here, I’ll take a wee minute to thank our families for their love, support and ibuprofen.

The story continues with the addition of our head brewer Liam Feaheny. He hails from the beautiful country of Ireland and brings a wealth of knowledge, passion and guid craic! Liam fits perfectly into our team and we are delighted with the significant improvements that have been made in the brew house. Keep an eye out for his “Wan Chance” beers at the pub or tap room. A self proclaimed NEIPA HEED. I, for one, am delighted! Annoy him here –

As for the pub, we canny not mention David who has taken the helm and we’re all excited for the Station Yard’s next chapter. Say hello or want more info about the Station Yard? Ping an email to

Exciting times ahead!

As the brewery grows, we’d like to update you along the way. So please like and share our FacebookInstagram and Twitter pages any you can add to the story.

Be good to each other you beer lovin’ handsome/beautiful/ gadgies or gadgettes!

Steve, David, Liam and David.

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