the best bit….our beers!

Drink, blether and be happyPEELYWALLY 5%

A refreshingly crisp, citrus, slight grassiness and carefully hopped IPA.

We bloody love Peelywally and it has been a real passion of ours to get it right. Brewed countless times at home with various ABV (3%-9.3 %!) and with different hops but this is the winner.

In Scots, Peelywally literally means, pale.

When you were wee, your mum would say “You look awfy Peelywally” meaning you’re not looking too well. Alternatively, when you see a Scotsman on the first day of his holiday, you could say “He looks Peelywally” as our skin is pale blue and nigh on see through.

Drink, blether and be happyBARRY SWALLY 5.5%

BarrySwally is our APA, full of flavour, a wee bit stronger than Peelywally but a completely different animal. With plenty of hops to make your mouth dance, a warm amber tone – like that of a bronzed Scotsman’s foreheid on holiday in Gran Canaria. We love this beer and hope you do too!

In Scots BarrySwally literally means, good drink.

For example, after a long day you have a wee beer, sigh and say “That is barry swally!”

Delicious beers, crafted to be enjoyed.BRUCE JUICE

Bruce Juice is our limited edition IPA for the cracking Haddington 700 festival.

This 5% IPA is equally fresh and crisp with citrus notes but offers a slightly hoppier taste than our PeelWally. This is your once in a lifetime chance to drink the exact same beer frequently enjoyed by Sir Robert the Bruce.

Fresher than a cauld wind up your kilt!
*Note this may or may not accurately reflect historical events.